Kid’s Birthday Parties During Social Distancing

Wondering what to do with your child’s birthday party when we’re social distancing?

Drive-by “birthday cruise” is here to rescue you…

This drive-by “birthday cruise” is certainly one of the best birthday party idea for social distancing days! We at “It’s A Piece  Of Cake” had to pass it along Nicole Everson Gould’s fantastic idea to our clients, friends and the whole wild world really. What a fun way to make someone feel special even when we’re social distancing!

Nicole Everson Gould says “Since we couldn’t host this little person a party, we brought the party to the people. We texted friends and family that live nearby, borrowed Grandpa’s cool mustang, and surprised Charlotte with a cruise. The signs… the songs… these peeps sure know how to make a 12 year-old smile!!” 

THANK YOU Nicole for sharing this fantastic idea and photo’s with “It’s A Piece Of Cake” team!

Happy 12th Birthday Charlotte!!!


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