We at It’s A Piece of Cake are proudly celebrating our 7th Birthday.

Looking back it all started with a simple wish… using our main ingredients – imagination, creativity and love – to turn children’s fantasies into real-life childhood memories while showing parents that they actually can have their cake and eat it, too! Since then, we have planned, organized, and entertained at over a thousand parties, donating our fun services to non-profit organizations in whose missions we believe. We have been featured in numerous periodicals and received several flattering awardsNeedless to say we couldn’t do any of this alone. We want to send our thanks to our clients who made us a “piece” of their special celebrations, our performers for top notch performances, our colleagues and friends for continuous love and support, and last but not least to all of the wonderful children who shared their dreams and visions with us. THANK YOU ALL for making us the big 7!

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